Chef's Plate Spotlight: 
Epicurious:  Best Spicy Brown Mustard Showdown
Mustard Taste Test Hero / Photo by Chelsea Kyle
This 60-year-old Canadian brand is far and away the most pungent mustard we tasted. Just open a jar and you'll immediately smell what I mean. It has an aroma that I often associate with fermented foods, and perhaps that's why it rose to the top. The bright heat zings the roof of your mouth and fills your senses with fragrant heat that has a barely noticeable touch of sweetness on the finish. Don't let that confuse you though: this is not a sweet mustard. We tasted a few perceptibly sweet mustards that quickly found their way to the bottom of the pack. With Kozlik's, the sweetness just rounds out the pungency of a wonderfully piquant mustard.
Saveur Magazine:  Kozlik's Triple Crunch Chef Pick
 When I was a young cook, I was taught to finish sauces with lemon juice. It gets rid of that lingering fattiness that coats your mouth. That's how I've come to use Kozlik's Triple Crunch Mustard. It's basically vinegar, whole mustard seeds (white, brown, and black), honey, and salt; the preparation is as much a pickle as it is a mustard. It lightens dishes and adds crispness and mild acidity. With raw oysters, I blend some of the mustard with the shellfish liquor and put the mixture back on top of the oyster, just like that. I rub it on pork as it roasts. I also like to cook down rhubarb with pomegranate syrup, then add a spoonful of Kozlik's for a sweet and sour preparation that I serve with foie gras or ham hock—just as you would an Italian fruit mostarda. —Jonathan Gushue, Langdon Hall, Cambridge, Ontario